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Open Positions

Who you are

As our Generalist Programmer, you are the swiss army knife of the studio. You support wherever needed, able to adapt to any programming challenge thrown at the studio. HLSL, Python, and solid math skills — your list of expertise seems to go on forever. You’re comfortable anywhere in the chain, from the bare metal to the cloud. You can write graphics, physics, and networking code, and you have experience with the entire “C” language family. Most importantly, you’re driven by the challenge. You love R&D and are always looking for ways to build and enhance systems to support our tech and our games.

What you’ll do

  • Engine development, writing low-level code
  • Research, build and enhance systems to support our tech and our games
  • Adapt and support our teams with programming knowledge in a variety of languages
  • Overcome barriers and innovate through R&D

Who you are

As our 3D Programmer you’ll create the stunning visuals for our games. You are passionate about developing new technologies and workflows to put the power of creation into the hands of artists. You will analyze and re-think existing technology and tools to build new methods to create the most beautiful and memorable game worlds in the industry. You are eager to dive into work across the spectrum of 3D programming from rendering engine architecture to hardware ray tracing to shader optimization.

What you’ll do

  • Iteratively develop new 3D technology in collaboration with Technical Artists and other programmers
  • Analyse and propose improvement to the existing 3D technology in the engine
  • Perform memory and performance optimizations of the 3D technology to meet the requirements for target platforms of the game
  • Provide support to Technical Artists and other team members as required to correctly and efficiently utilize the 3D technology

Who you are

As our Technical Architect, you will determine the best technical direction for our studio and our tools, ensuring our tech is on par and beyond the industry standard. You’re a forward thinker who’ll use leadership skills and technical foresight to help the team implement systems that support future technologies, and draft documents for later use or reference. You’re the person everyone knows they can go to when direction is needed, and you’re excited to help.

What you’ll do

  • Work alongside our other studio leaders to build the technological vision of the studio
  • Lead the design of new technologies and tools
  • Anticipate technological advances and develop new technology that maximize these opportunities

Who you are

You are versatile and highly motivated to innovate, bursting with ideas for new game development technology. You understand what is necessary to define required functionalities and engine systems to support teams. You thrive off the opportunity to create new low-level systems that enables our game creators to build larger, more immersive open worlds.

What you’ll do

  • Analyze and understand the requirements of content creators to design new engine systems
  • Adapt or replace game engine systems to enhance the efficiency of game development
  • Propose new systems and architecture to drive innovation in our game engines

Who you are

For you, developing tools isn’t just a job, it’s a passion. You can analyse an existing interface, talk with the users, and develop a plan to improve the workflow. You specialize in developing various tools and engine systems for our in-house engines. At the end of the day, your main goal is to think of new ways to help improve the efficiency of the production team.

What you’ll do

  • Analyse existing functions in the engine and see how they could be enhanced to fulfill the intentions of the project
  • Create and develop the technology behind our tools and engines making it easier to build even better open worlds
  • Improve the content pipeline by designing and implementing new tools and systems for production teams

The Ubisoft Winnipeg Hiring Team

Some fear the unknown. The brave welcome it. The bold create it.

If you want to be on the vanguard of technology and push the boundaries of what’s possible in games, then Ubisoft Winnipeg wants you.

Are you a passionate visionary looking to explore the future of tech? Check out our open positions or contact our Talent Acquisition Specialist, Chris Anderson, and find out how you can join our family.

Darryl Long

Managing Director

Chris Anderson

Talent Acquisition Specialist


Balanced Lifestyle

Flexible work schedule, comprehensive health benefits, and an active-living rebate make healthy living easier.


Training, conferences, workshops, growth and leadership opportunities to encourage sharing expertise and help you move forward in your career.

Dynamic Culture

Studio culture that has the perfect balance of fun and hard work. A variety of cultural committees and monthly office festivities shape a better studio environment.


A focus on environmental conscious initiatives like composting, secure bike storage and transit pass subsidy for employees.

Life at Ubisoft Winnipeg

We are, each of us, visionaries: curious, ambitious, and creative problem solvers who strive to learn and grow from both success and failure.

We’re a studio about saying yes to your ideas. Through Innovation Days, we provide our team with dedicated time and resources to projects of their own initiative. You have the agency to channel genuine passion to create revolutionary tech.

We’re looking past what’s possible today to build the technology of tomorrow’s games. Our goal is to change the tech landscape, both through incredible products and setting a new standard for inclusion and diversity within the industry. We’re not just here to make games, we’re here to make a difference.

We are a family: collaborative and diverse. We realize the value of true work-life balance and enable our team through extensive benefits to do what they love, regardless of circumstance.

I want in!


It’s an incredible opportunity to be here at the start of Ubisoft Winnipeg, taking on new challenges and wearing many hats in order to create a pool of innovation that will benefit Ubisoft as a whole. Winnipeg is also a great place to raise my family, with welcoming neighbours and lots to do outdoors.

Nicolas, Associate Producer

Winnipeg’s a big city with a small-town attitude, which helps give the Ubisoft studio its personality. We have a great culture here that preserves everyone’s different way of thinking and coordinates that into a cohesive final product. Everyone’s pushing in the same direction — toward making game production easier — and that makes this studio critical to gaming overall.

Sky & Free, Senior Programmers

Since I was a kid, I dreamed of working in development, and Ubisoft Winnipeg is a life-changing opportunity for me. It’s a great environment that treats employees well and encourages us to improve ourselves. Our culture is still developing here and I love being part of that process — everyone’s opinion matters here.

Sergei, Tools Programmer

Hands down my favourite part of this studio is how much we collectively care about breaking down barriers for women and other minority groups in the tech industry — we have a shared mindset of equality and inclusion. It’s wonderful to show up to work every day feeling like you can be yourself and you can succeed if you put in the work.

Camy, Tools Programmer

World-Class Studio.
World-Class City.

You already have a home in Winnipeg. We chose this city for our one-of-a-kind studio because it’s a one-of-a kind place, where people from dozens of countries live and thrive in a vibrant culture that promotes work-life balance. There’s plenty of room for you and your family to grow — with affordable housing, welcoming communities, and great schools — so you can live like you never thought you could.

There’s a reason people call Winnipeg a big small town. You get all the amenities and benefits of a major metropolis, but everything’s a 20-minute drive away. There’s always something to do; indulge in the city’s vibrant Arts and Culture scene; clean your plate at a diverse range of restaurants from cultures around the globe; and, of course, join in the phenomenon that is the Winnipeg Jet’s fanbase.

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The career of a lifetime is at Ubisoft Winnipeg.

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